11-09-2018 Onderhoud Datacenter Notification euNetworks

Datum start 11-09-2018 Datum einde 11-09-2018
Tijd start 08:00 Tijd einde 17:00
Lokatie euNetworks datacenter Status Opgelost

Geachte klant,

Ter notificatie aan klanten met colocated hardware in euNetworks.
Onderstaand bericht hebben wij ontvangen van datacenter euNetworks waar Denit colocation afneemt.



Dear customers.

As you are aware eunetworks have been carrying out a number of improvements to our Paul van Vlissingenstraat 16, Data Centre facility. As part of the improvement works and the successful performance of the last Black Building Test (BBT).

We would like to inform you that our intension is to continue with BBT on half yearly basis. This ensures that we have the best resilience to support the client’s needs and demands on our infrastructure and services

The dates below indicates when the BBTs will be carried out within 2018, please be aware that the dates may alter. In such circumstances adequate notification will be given.

Tuesday 13th March 2018
Tuesday 11th September 2018